Thank you everyone for supporting us by attending!

We hope you enjoyed the show!

To meet your volunteer hour requirement, go to our Bulletin Board page and sign up for various activities!  Opportunities are always being added, especially before the Pre-Season Social, the Halloween and Spring Ice Shows, the Holiday Showcase, the End-of Season Social, and  many Test Sessions and Exhibition Sessions.  Additionally, we have monthly club activities planned for our skaters that sometimes require a few extra hands.



You asked for it. The MSBFSC Directory is here!    We call it Murray Silver Baldes CLUB HUB.  And it's more than a directory!!

Go to the Bulletin Board Page for more information!!


In - House Test Session

MSBFSC will be hosting an in-house test session on Tuesday, May 16th for skaters wanting to test Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary Moves-in-the-Field or Freeskate; on Saturday, May 20th for all skating levels, and Sunday May 21st for all skating levels and Dance.


You may register for the test session through EntryEeze following these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Apply for membership tab. (you must complete this step even if you currently have an EntryEeze account through your home club) If you have already completed this step please continue to step 7.
  3. Click on the create a new family account tab. (register only the skaters, not the parent)
  4. Follow the steps to complete the user profile and validate email address and create the account password.
  5. Click on the Apply/Renew tab and select the membership type- Interclub Test Fee.  The click the Apply tab. When asked what the previous club was please enter your current club.  (This does not effect membership status with your club) Then select your home club and click on the save tab.
  6. Click on the shopping cart link and complete the steps to check out.
  7. Click on Test Sessions tab and register for selected test.
If you have any questions, please contact Taffee Palmer at or Kelly Cassity at​ (MSBFSC Test Co-Chairs)

This year, the MSBFSC is asking its members to participate in fund raising by selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars.  Candy bars are of an assortment and should be sold for $1.00 each.  Boondock's passes are available for every skater that sells a case (60 bars).  See Matt Shepard for candy or more information.


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